This is a personal blog. Here, you will find a myriad of insights about life and the pursuit of happiness as I stumble upon them with a glass of wine in hand. You are not alone in the craziness that life brings to your front door. As you probably know, life is messy and complicated. Most people think math is complicated, however, my argument in favor of mathematics is that in mathematics, 2 + 2 = 4. Simple and easy. However, life’s equations can equal divorce and heartbreak. Life’s equations can also equal love and joy. Really, life is like a roller coaster ride that you’re not strapped in for and sometimes you get champagne.

I believe that all of us inherently are searching for something more. We all want to grow as individuals. This can be manifested in different ways, whether that growth is reading a new book, watching an interesting TedTalk or climbing Machu Picchu. Unhappiness tends to set in as we stagnate. That being said, let’s revolt against the plateaus! In this blog, I take you along with me in my pursuits. Stay tuned!